MiSTer Improvements, Genesis & SMS FPGA Core Updates

The MiSTer FPGA Multi-Console Project’s main core, and Sega Genesis and SMS cores have received several updates recently. Some highlights include: integer & ultra-sharp nearest neighbor scaling, the ability to load scaler coefficient files (for custom video profiles, for example), and improved scanlines. Changelogs. Cores need to be updated individually to take advantage of the […]

Game Gear-Only Games

Games only available on Game Gear Most Game Gear games were just Master System games converted to the lower resolution of the Game Gear. Here is a list of all the games that are only available on the Game Gear, or are ports different to the SMS version. This list is simply a cut-and-paste of a […]

FM Audio

Sega Master System FM Audio History: The Sega Mark III was a console launched in Japan that was essentially the early version of the Master System. One of the many options available for this system was an “FM Sound expansion board”. It was a device that plugged into the Mark III and allowed games to utilize […]