How to Update Your RetroTINK’s Firmware

Here’s a video that goes over everything you’d need to know about updating the firmware on your RetroTINK products. It’s a REALLY easy process, but I thought a quick runthrough showing all the models compatible with USB updating might be a help to some people. After you do it once though, it’s super quick to […]

RetroTINK-2X Pro Firmware v1.7

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware for the RetroTINK 2x Pro, that ads more functionality to the comb filter switch:  With this update, switching it to “retro” mode will boost the brightness a tiny bit, allowing to compensate for any signals that look a bit dull. Download the latest firmware here: RetroTINK 2x […]

RetroTINK 2x-M v1.6 Firmware Update

Mike Chi has just posted a new firmware for the RetroTINK 2x-Multiformat linedoubler.  Check out details below: Firmware Update: Purchase a RetroTINK 2x M: The first addition in this firmware brings the same 444+’hi-res’ that were previously added to its 480p passthrough, to it’s 576p mode.  That means PAL users can utilize the same […]

RetroTINK 2x Mini Firmware Update

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware update for the RetroTINK 2x Mini, that tweaks a few settings.  You can get the latest version here: Purchase the RetroTINK 2x Mini: I really appreciate the toning down of LED’s, as depending on your setup any LED could be distracting.  Also, anyone with an auto-switching […]

RetroTINK 2x Pro & SCART Firmware Update v1.3

Mike Chi has just posted another firmware update for the RetroTINK ‘2x Pro’ and ‘2x SCART’ linedoublers: RetroTINK 2x Pro – An updated version of the original 2x with more features, including scanlines! RetroTINK 2x SCART – A simple RGB SCART linedoubler that outputs 480p HDMI. A few tweaks and calibration options were implemented, but the one […]

RetroTINK 2x SCART and Pro Firmware Updates

Mike Chi has just released another firmware update for his RetroTINK line of products, making this the second update in about a week!  The new features in this firmware are for the 2x Pro and 2x SCART devices.  Additions are as follows: Improved DVI-only detection CVBS Luma gain in ‘Auto’ mode now works more like a […]

RetroTINK-2X Pro Firmware Update v1.1

Mike Chi, creator of the RetroTINK line of products just announced the release of the first official firmware update for his latest Composite-S-Video-Component video line-doubler, the RetroTINK-2X Pro. A whole slew of preset functionalities have been tweaked around/improved with the new update such as filters and picture sharpness. James-F is credited by Mike for being […]

RetroTINK 5x Adds HDR Support

Mike Chi has just added a new mode to the RetroTINK 5x, that tells your TV to enable HDR mode.  While this isn’t converting a retro game signal to HDR, it allows for increased brightness on your TV…which means using the amazing CRT scanline emulation recently added, you can have a look that’s more true […]

RetroTINK 5X Recommended SNES Settings

Wobbling Pixels has just released an excellent video showing how to get the most performance out of your SNES – and that includes both 1-CHIP and earlier models – using the RetroTINK 5x and it’s latest firmware.  There’s also tips on CRT filters and info for composite and S-Video users in both NTSC and PAL regions.  […]