RetroTINK 2x Mini Firmware Update

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware update for the RetroTINK 2x Mini, that tweaks a few settings.  You can get the latest version here:

Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:

I really appreciate the toning down of LED’s, as depending on your setup any LED could be distracting.  Also, anyone with an auto-switching HDMI device (TV, switch, etc) will benefit from the video output muting, as it will stop sending a signal after you power off your console!

  • Made LEDs dimmer.
  • Improved detection stability.
  • Mutes video output after 30 seconds of no valid input detected.
  • Idle state (no input) is now solid green instead of cycling between yellow and white.

Here’s a short video that demonstrates how to update your firmware.  Also, the original review is below:


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