RetroTINK 5x Firmware v1.29

UPDATED 06/19:  Cable/Harware requirements have been expanded.  See below…
Mike Chi has just released another firmware for the RetroTINK 5x that adds an interesting feature:  The ability to automatically scale the Game Boy Interface software to 6x, 7x and 8x.  Here’s links to everything you need, with lots more info below the RT5x updating instructional video:

RT5x Firmware:
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Prism (GCVideo 3.0):
Digital to Analog Converters:
Game Boy Interface (scroll up for download links):
Boot GC Homebrew:

To take advantage of this firmware, you’ll need a few things.  First, on the hardware side, you’ll need a GameCube, with the Game Boy Player hardware attachment.  Then, you’ll need a way to boot homebrew; Anything that will get you to Swiss will work.  You’ll also want a recent version of both Swiss and Game Boy Interface.  Honestly, if you play GB/GBC/GBA games on your GameCube, you should have all of this set up anyway, as GBi/Swiss are totally free and are by far the best way to play those games.

Lastly, you’ll need one of a few specific methods of outputting video to the RetroTINK 5x.  Both the official component video cables on all versions with the digital port and a properly-built RGB SCART cable on a PAL GameCube will be compatible.  All GCVideo 3.0 solutions will work, such as the Prism, you’ll just need an HDMI to Component video solution…or even an HDMI to VGA adapter, combined with the HD15-2-SCART.  Other GCVideo solutions might work, but please reference the main page:

The Carby Component cables, HD Retrovision cables, S-Video and Composite cables all are not compatible.  RGB SCART cables on PAL units that include a sync stripper will most likely not work either.

Once you’re all connected and everything is on its latest firmware / software revision, boot your GameCube into Swiss.  Then, select the gbihf.dol file and set the following options before booting:

If you’ve done everything correctly, your RT5x should now show “GBI 360P” on whatever input you’re using:

And, that’s pretty much it!  Once you’re all set up, launching this mode is as easy as saving your settings in Swiss, then it will automatically boot in this mode the next time you run it!  Also, the RT5x needs no further configuration – It will automatically detect this mode and you’ll be presented with the following output options:

  • 1080p (FILL): 6x integer scale with optimal sampling/autophase
  • 1080p (OVER): 6.75 interpolated scaling to use the full vertical height of the display
  • 1200p: 7x integer scale with optimal timing/autophase
  • 1440p: 8x integer scale with optimal sampling/autophase

Here’s some examples of the previous 1080p(Over) mode, which is a 5x scale in a 1080p window, vs the new GBi360p mode:  A 6x scale in a 1080p window.  It retains an integer-scale, but is also able to run in DTV 858 mode, for a really sharp look.  Basically, you don’t just gain more screen space, you get picture quality boost as well (click for full-sized):

The same is true for GB/GBC games:

When running in GBI 360p mode, 1080p (Over) now activated a 6.75x scale.  This has the advantage of filling the screen and the interpolation looks pretty good, however you loose the ability to use DTV 858 optimal timings.  Depending on the game, this might not be too much of a difference, so I suggest giving both a try on each game and picking which looks better to your eyes.  Either way, the scrolling seems pretty smooth:

Overall, this is an excellent way to use Game Boy Interface on flat-panel TV’s!  Hopefully, Mike can figure out a way to implement this mode while using other handheld-on-console solutions, like the Super Game Boy, Consolized Game Gear and others!

Check out my main review for more info and features on the RT5x:

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