RetroTINK 2x-M v1.6 Firmware Update

Mike Chi has just posted a new firmware for the RetroTINK 2x-Multiformat linedoubler.  Check out details below:

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Firmware Update:

The first addition in this firmware brings the same 444+’hi-res’ that were previously added to its 480p passthrough, to it’s 576p mode.  That means PAL users can utilize the same features for it’s progressive scan passthrough!

Another really interesting “beta” feature is the ability to pass 240p/480i though with uncompressed 4:4:4 colors.  While this might be a bit of a niche use case, this means people can take advantage of the excellent comb filter in the TINK-M’s composite video input and pass that through to a device like the OSSC, or even an RGB monitor that’s lacking composite or S-Video inputs…all while retaining the original colorspace.  You’d need to combine this with something like an HDMI to Component Video converter, but those are very inexpensive.

The full list of changes are below.  Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the 2x-M, I strongly recommend reading the last update “re-review” post, as well as the original video;  This post, as well as the last fill in the gaps as to what’s changed since the video:

  • Added 576p Pass-thru. This mode also has an identical ‘Hi-Res’ 444 variant to the 480p. Switching the ‘Mode’ switch to ‘Line2x’ enables 444. Tapping the ‘Filter’ button once (Blue light turns on) further doubles the horizontal resolution.
  • Added 240p/480i 444 pass-thru. The ‘Comb’ switch should be set in the ‘Retro’ position to enable this. I have somewhat mixed feelings as compatibility will be highly hit and miss but I thought it’d be better to see if this is useful for people before deciding to keep/remove it in the future.
  • So far SNES seems to be very intermittent. PS2/PSOne appears to work well, as does Genesis and TG16/PCE.
  • If you’re super confused, just set the device to ‘Line2x’ and ‘Auto’ and you should have a decent default mode for most use cases.

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