Game Boy Advance FPGA Core Released for MiSTer

FPGA developer Robert Peip aka FPGAzumSpass has just released a MiSTer core for his FPGA implementation of the Game Boy Advance.  HDMI output is currently supported with analog (RGB/Component/VGA) in the works. At the moment, the core can be downloaded simply by running the MiSTer update script (either “update” or “update_console” depending on your version), […]

MiSTer JAMMA Arcade Interface (and Raspberry Pi) & New Arcade Supergun

Antonio Villena has designed a plug-and-play device for easily installing MiSTer in an arcade cabinet, which also supports Raspberry Pi when combined with πCRT. I covered some exclusive technical details of the JAMMA Interface in my latest video. Antonio also announced a new Supergun that he’s designed. It will work with arcade PCBs and is […]

The First Official Release of Furrtek’s Neo-Geo Core is now Available for the MiSTer

The first official release of the Neo-Geo core is now available for the MiSTer platform!  Thanks to the hard work of Furrtek, Sorgelig, Greyrogue, Rysha and other contributors, installing it is as easy as choosing the update option in the scripts menu of the MiSTer. Users who do not have network connectivity or that prefer […]

MiSTer Popeye & Commando Arcade FPGA Cores by Jotego

Jotego released Popeye and Commando arcade FPGA cores to his patrons, for both MiSTer and MiST. Both cores are open-source and will be made publicly available once complete. I debuted them live and found Popeye to be especially impressive. It is a very early application of interlaced graphics, which looks a little strange via HDMI, but […]

MiSTer In-Line Power Switch has just listed a fully-tested power switch for the MiSTer platform: Most of the in-line switches people have been testing with the MiSTer have significantly dropped the voltage when put between the power supply and DE-10, causing performance issues.  You’d think finding something as basic as a power switch would be simple, but this is […]

MiSTer 1943 Core Publicly Launched

Jose Tejada has just released his 1943 FPGA core to the MiSTer platform!  The core should soon be added to the auto-download scripts, but you can get the zip file right now from Jose’s public Patreon post. I’m so excited to see how quickly the MiSTer platform is growing and seeing all the amazingly accurate […]

MiSTer HDMI Core Now Sub 1-Frame Of Lag

I recently performed lag tests on the updated MiSTer HDMI scaler written by Grabulosaure and found that the lag is now less than one frame! My test method consisted of running the RGB output of the MiSTer into a Sony PVM monitor via the core (console)’s native resolution and refresh rate.  I then ran the HDMI […]

Big MiSTer Arcade Core Refresh & New Additions

Many older MiSTer arcade FPGA cores have been left behind from the overhauls and updates that console and PC cores received over the last year. Several were still on the old scaler and lacked new features. Alan Steremberg has made it his mission to bring every single one of them up to date and on […]

New 3D Printed and Acrylic MiSTer Cases has just launched new 3D printed cases, as well as acrylic cases.  The “V2” 3D printed case is available now for $35, plus $10 for the additional USB hub case.  It will be a few weeks until the acrylic cases are ready, but those will sell for $55. It’s my personal opinion that a case […]