Remotely Update MiSTer via SSH

As more people are integrating their MiSTer setups into a CRT-based arcade machine, one small concern is popping up:  The potential for burn-in as the machine is left on during the update process.  This is a tiny concern and only one that’s relevant after continuous use, but since CRT’s are long out of production, anything you […]

MiSTer Super Game Boy Borders

It looks like paulb-nl has just added the ability to load custom Super Game Boy borders, when using MiSTer’s Game Boy core.  This feature is now merged with the main project and running your favorite update script should automatically install it;  I’ve been using ‘update_all’ these days.  After updating, create a “SGB Borders” folder in […]

Atari Lynx MiSTer Core

Developer Robert Peip has just released his FPGA core for the Atari Lynx handheld console.  This core is merged with the main project and running your favorite update script should automatically install it;  I’ve been using ‘update_all’ these days.  After updating, simply copy your games to the Atari Lynx folder and start playing! update_all script: […]

MiSTerCade: Installation and Overview

The MiSTer FPGA project is an amazing way to experience lag-free recreations of classic consoles and arcade boards, lag-free, on both modern and analog displays.  This video shows how a took a new product called the MiSTerCade and interfaced the MiSTer into a real arcade machine.  It was a lot of fun and I hope […]

GUN2CRT Adapter Teased Showing MiSTer Compatibility

A demo was just posted of a really interesting adapter that allows a Namco GunCon for the PlayStation to be used on any HID USB compatible device that outputs to a CRT.  That means any device that outputs an RGBHV signal from 240p up to 1024×768 (and possibly higher), including PC/Raspberry Pi emulation and even the […]

MiSTer FPGA: 240p over HDMI (Direct Video)

The MiSTer FPGA project has been one of the most exciting things in retro gaming.  While I’ll soon have a video (or series) covering everything it can do, I wanted to take the time to highlight one specific feature in this post:  Direct Video.  This allows you to connect the DE-10’s HDMI port to a […]

MiSTer 1080p 5x Beta Testing

UPDATE 02/10:  Sorg has added 5x modes AND a screen shift to many of the cores!!!!!  Please check out the rest of this post to see why that’s so amazing for console gamers using 1080p or 4K TV’s!  Just update your MiSTer the normal way and check the settings listed at the bottom of this […]

MiSTerCade – First Look

Scarlet Sprites has just posted a video showing the new “MiSTerCade” product from  This is a device that’s 100% compatible with the MiSTer project and works similar to current MiSTer kits:  Connect a DE-10 Nano, configure an SD card the same way as normal and plug it into the JAMMA harness in your arcade […]

Gauntlet 1&2 Cores Added to MiSTer

The arcade games Gauntlet and Gauntlet II have been ported to the MiSTer FPGA platform by Alex, aka d18c7db.  You can manually install it from the mra files on github, or use your favorite script updater: The open source MiSTer FPGA project is constantly evolving, with new cores and features being added so fast, that […]