MiSTerFPGA News – MiSTer Clone, New Arcade Cores, Neo Geo Pocket & More

DE10 Nano Clone Taki Udon posted a video about a DE10 Nano clone that supposed to be 100% compatible with the MiSTer FPGA project. No porting necessary. The video shows the system running the PSX, Saturn and N64 cores among others. Pricing is set to be at $99. Post : https://twitter.com/TakiUdon_/status/1784880189367103642?t=pkg1-G-2672mJfVJxj-dJw&s=19 Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RSrzM7dM-Y Pricing : https://twitter.com/TakiUdon_/status/1785099664087519402?t=SIg9d20Psq0Z8VvBHWnNFQ&s=19 Post […]

TapTo Mobile NFC MiSTer App

Developer Wizzo just released an app for both iOS and Android devices that allows you to utilize their NFC functions for TapTo.  The app itself is free and comes with the functionality to read and write NFC cards, as well as show status.  A $3.99 in-app purchase also allows you to use your iOS/Android device […]

MiSTer Main Branch Update for Saturn Core Fixes Gouraud Shading

The Saturn core for the MiSTer FPGA hit a milestone late last month when it committed the last several months of “unstable nightly” updates to the MiSTer’s main branch. The March 23 update was the first one to the core’s main branch since it was first added there in October. When a core’s update is […]

Retro Castle MiSTer – New Store

Ivory from RetroCastle has just opened a new webstore.  The prices and products are all the same and the original Aliexpress and US Reseller are still available to purchase from, however this main store is a better option for the long-run. Main Store:  https://www.retrocastlestore.com/ US Reseller:  https://retrorgb.link/retrocastle Original Aliexpress Link:  https://retrorgb.link/retrocastleali If you’d like more info on these […]

MiSTer FPGA News – DOS Games as Screensavers, Saturn, Galaga 88, Toki & More

Super Attract Mode Super Attract Mode, the script that can load random games while your MiSTer is idle acting like an attract screen, has now added support for DOS games via the 0MHz DOS collection. Giving you more variety in the tpyes of games being loaded. Post : https://twitter.com/chrisshelms/status/1772367570835779704 Super Attract Mode GitHub : https://github.com/mrchrisster/MiSTer_SAM   TapTo […]