Dual-RAM Retro Castle MiSTer JAMMA Kit

Castlemania Entertainment has just opened pre-orders on the new dual-RAM JAMMA MiSTer kit from Retro Castle.  This is essentially the same amazing, low-latency JAMMA kit the creator Ivory has been selling for awhile now, but with support for dual-RAM sticks.  This will allow the Sega Saturn core to function without restriction and it opens the door […]

MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64, MARSFPGA, Targ, Thunder Cross & More

Nintendo 64 The Nintendo 64 core nows has 50% of the TLB implemeneted. This helped with the following games: Paper Mario Mystical Ninja 2 Castlevania 64 Bomberman 64 Perfect Dark Shadow Man Turok 2 Revolt Post : https://twitter.com/AzumFpg/status/1727035243285082389 FPGAZumspass Twitter: https://twitter.com/AzumFpg FPGAZumspass Github: https://github.com/RobertPeip FPGAZumspass support page: https://www.patreon.com/FPGAzumSpass Post 2 : https://twitter.com/AzumFpg/status/1728090988025892956   Martin Donlon Interview Pixel Cherry Ninja conducted […]

MiSTer FPGA News – FPGA Gameboy Color, DIY NFC, N64 and more!

Megadrive The following updates have been made to the Megadrive core. – Fix SVP DMA. – Tweaks and fixes in 4-way and Teamplayer multitaps. – Rework reset (fixes X-Men final boss fight). – fix for VGA interlaced video (Cray Elliott). Post : https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?p=79889#p79889   Linux The Linux distro for MiSTer has added support for more gamepads […]

D93 options added to MiSTerFPGA and GBI

I posted a week or so back an article that covered a brief history of colour science and Japanese CRT display standards.  If you missed that, read up to explain what this post is all about: https://www.retrorgb.com/colour-malarkey.html Since then I’ve fleshed out my GitHub repo, and built on the maths and python code to generate […]

Lag Test Your Display With MiSTer Laggy

  MiSTer Laggy is a latency tester that can help you measure the latency on your TV, monitor or other display device using the MiSTer FPGA. You can either build your own or purchase one from the creator Martin Donlon on Tindie. It works on the same principle as the Time Sleuth, but uses the […]

MiSTer FPGA News – Controller Adapters, N64, Splatterhouse & More

RetroZord/Reflex Adapt If you’re using a controller adapter based on Sonik_br’s RetroZord design, a new firmware will be released soon. This release will feature: User selectable output mode between xinput,switch,ps3,dinput. Rumble with xinput. Analog triggers on xinput and ps3. Negcon and Jogcon will work on all output modes, but spinner is only on dinput. Also, […]

MiSTer FPGA News – Sega Saturn, N64 & More

Gamboy Advance Tests There is a wiki page that documents the results of various emulators and hardware using test ROMs for the Gameboy Advance. Included are test results for the MiSTer FPGA. If you’re interested in these technical results then check out the page. Wiki page : https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/GBA_Tests   Nintendo 64 More updates to the N64 […]