Open Source NDS Lite Composite Video Out Mod

A new open-source project has been released that allows you to mod a Nintendo DS Lite (not the original or DSi) for composite video output.  While this doesn’t have the features and quality of an HDMI mod like the GBA Consolizer, it’s one of the only solutions out there for people who want to capture original hardware…and much cheaper than hunting down a Nitro DS Capture.

Main page:

The mod works by enabling a feature hidden in the code of the DS Lite, that enables a 10 bit digital signal at 16.7 MHz, that can be converted to composite video with a DAC.  You can enable this hidden feature by dumping your DS Lite’s firmware, patching it and re-flashing it back to the handheld.  Then, disassemble and remove the top screen and plug this video-out board in it’s place.

At the moment, no one’s producing pre-made boards, but the files to build your own are all available on the github.  Also, the only output available is composite video.

So, while this isn’t the DS-out people have been patiently waiting for, I absolutely love everything about it:  An open-source project, based around a hidden Nintendo feature that went undiscovered for fifteen years, is just about the coolest thing retro gamers can ask for!  If you have an NDS with a broken top screen and don’t mind some tinkering, this seems like an awesome project.  If you’re waiting for a more polished solution with proper scaling, you’ll have to keep waiting though…


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