Castlevania on Intellivision: Intellivania

The fan port of Castlevania to the Intellivision that we previously discussed is now available to purchase!  John Hancock did a great video above that shows an unboxing, as well as gameplay – Overall the entire thing seems to be excellent quality.  Definitely check out the video if you’re interested.

Purchase the game here:

I saw this game in person back at PRGE 2019 and was absolutely blown away at both the audio and video quality.  While the Intellivision controller isn’t the most comfortable, somehow the developer Matthew Kiehl made it completely playable.  Everything about this homebrew port is so impressive.

Also, the footage in John’s video was limited to low-quality composite video, as Inty RGB mods seemed to have dried up.  The one sold years ago has long been discontinued and a brand new working prototype of a more modern version seems to have disappeared ;/  While the Intellivision community isn’t as big as, say, the NES community, there’s still quite a few people who’d prefer a much less messy, jailbar’d output than the stock Inty provides.  Hopefully we can get a new hardware mod soon!

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