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NES Emulation on the Nintendo 64

Recently Krikzz posted a new “core” for the Everdrive 64 X5 and X7 rom carts that replaces the Neon emulator for NES emulation on the Nintendo 64. This update uses the FPGA in the newer Everdrive 64 carts with the goal of getting a more cycle accurate experience than what the Neon emulator could provide. This does mean anyone with the older V3 carts unfortunately can’t use this new emulator, but anyone that has been able to purchase the X5 or X7 carts can simply replace the NES.v64 file on their SD card with the new one provided by Krikzz and be ready to go.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Neon emulator recently–a what-if scenario if Nintendo had made some sort of NES collection during the N64 life-span or had released some sort of player or adapter. While the new FPGA emulator still isn’t perfect and should be considered in a testing phase–Krikzz mentioned that some components are running in an overclocked mode–this new solution really interested me since it has the potential to be an even better experience.

So in this new video I compared my stock N64 with the Everdrive 64 X5 using S-Video and Composite against my stock NES using composite into the RetroTink 5x Pro. So filters, no scan lines, no adjustments–just the base scaling to 1080p into my capture card. So check it out and see what you think!

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