Neo SD Loader – Firmware Update and Open Source Files

Furrtek has just released a firmware update, as well as the open source files for the Neo SD Loader; An optical drive emulator for the Neo Geo CD.  When originally announced, Furrtek said he would open source the entire project after some development costs were recouped and now (as usual) he’s kept his word.  Along with the open source files, he also posted firmware v0.8b, with the full list of changes below:

Neo SD Loader Open Source Files:
Firmware v0.8b:
ArcadeTV’s Custom menu’s:

I always commend and appreciate anyone who takes the time to create a project like this, then “donates” it to the community.  By no means is anyone obligated to open source their hard work and I think the way Furrtek has handed projects like this is a great way for indie developers to operate:  Create an awesome project, keep it closed-source until you sell enough to cover development costs and time spent…or just until you’re tired of selling and supporting it.  Then, open source it and let other sellers in the community take over where you left off.

Here’s the latest changes from the previous firmware update:

  • Feature: Soft DIPs settings in in-game menu
  • Feature: Increased games limit to 200, added warning message if exceeded
  • Feature: Loading speed increased by 9%
  • Feature: Save file deletion in save load menu
  • Bugfix: Many cheats now work correctly
  • Bugfix: Game list is now cached, less waiting for it to load
  • Bugfix: Crashes during loading due to timeout with some SD cards
  • Bugfix: CDDA ‘click’ when playing the first track after loading
  • Candy: Option to keep the original startup animation
  • Candy: Drop shadow on menu font, better readability with custom backgrounds
  • Candy: Keep selection cursor on last loaded game when exiting to menu
  • Candy: Game name and current region setting shown in in-game menu

Known bugs:

  • CDDA tracks sometimes start playing a bit too late.
  • Samurai Spirits RPG does not load.

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