Jotego’s CPS2 Beta, CPS1 Improvements

Jose Tejada, aka Jotego has just released some significant updates for his Patreon followers!  The first is the most exciting for general users:  The first game in the CPS2 beta core, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, is now available to Patreon subscribers on the MiSTer and MiST/SiDi! platforms.  There’s still plenty of work to go before the rest of the CPS2 library is working, but this is some amazing progress in a relatively short period of time!

CPS2 Beta Release:
CPS1/CPS1.5 Accuracy:

Jose was also concerned about the accuracy and speed of the CPS1 and CPS1.5 cores he’d recently released.  While they were both excellent and praised by even the most hardcore pro gamers, the accuracy wasn’t quite there on the chip level.  With the help of test code created by Grego2D, they were able to have an accurate measurement of the DMA accuracy.  It was originally good, but with this test software, Jose was able to improve this one section of the core to incredible accuracy.

I corrected the DMA code and got to 15%. Then, I checked over and over the bus wait logic. And, finally, I got it down to 0.08%. Yes, 0.08% error in a demanding test. I think a verified figure of this magnitude deserved a post and a core update.

It’s super easy to get excited over new cores – And you should be excited!  Even beta cores with accuracy issues are still zero lag and on the path to a great experience.  That being said, I always try to spread the word and get people equally as excited about these accuracy updates, as contributions like this are absolutely essential to allowing these games to work the same way they did originally!

If you’d like to know more about Jotego, please check out the interview we did, available as a video and everywhere audio podcasts are found.  Also, if you’re a fan of his work, please consider supporting Jotego on Patreon!:

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