MiSTer FPGA News – R-Type 2, Karate Champ & More

In the past, I’ve talked about several screens you can use with a MiSTer that can display core information while playing. User kconger on the MiSTer FPGA forums has built upon the tty2rgbmatrix project by hellbent to make the screen wireless via wifi. This should give you more options on where to place the screen.

There are many features including a web interface that gives you some important information and allow you to do over the air updates.

There are full instructions on Github describing everything you need to build this.


Ikari Warriors III

Darren__O has gotten the Ikari Warriors 3 core to go in game. It’s mostly working, but there still needs to be some sprite issues that need to be worked out.


Playstation Core

This week’s accuracy update for the Playstation core involves getting the register acces timing changes fully implemented. Robert is now going to move on to improving and validating the DMA timing. These updates may seem minor, but they do add up to major changes that get more games working and allow homebrew developers to use the core as a valid development platform.


UFO Robo Dangar

When the Comso Police Galivan core releases, it’s been stated that, thanks to wark91, it will also come with the ability to play another game, UFO Robo Dangar. This game is shooter by Nichibutsu released in 1986. There are still a few bugs that need to be sorted before a public release, but if you subscribe to pierco’s Patreon you can try the core out now.


Neo Geo Pocket

The Neo Geo Pocket has recieved a lot of attention lately with the hiring of a full time engineer to work on it, thanks to the support of Jotego’s Patreon susbcribers. No updates on status yet, but we should see a lot more news coming out for this core now that there is dedicated work being done on it.

Jotego also posted a series of tweets where he speaks about some history regarding PCM sound in arcade boards. A good read for those interested in some history and technical info.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Furrtek gave a small update regarding the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles core. They realized that all the memory, including the ROMS, can be stored inside the DE10 Nanos BRAM. What this means is that the core will have less dependence on an external SDRAM module or maybe not need it at all.

Sega/Gremlin Core

Jimmy Stones is now getting back to the Sega/Gremlin core. He has sampled sounds for Carnival, Invinco and Pulsar sorted out. He then want on to look at the music board for Carnival which at the moment is going to slow down progress due to no Verilog implementation for the Intel 8035.

Karate Champ

Jotego has released Karate Champ to patreon subscribers. This is an early fighting game with unique controls that involved using two joysticks to perform your moves. A reminder that Jotego always releases his cores to Patreon subscribers in beta form first. Then after the core is stable enough it becomes public. All his cores are also open source.


R-Type 2

wickerwaka’s Irem M72 core not only supports the M72 hardware, but also Irem’s M84 hardware. This means that now we have support for R-type 2, an excellent followup to the original games. Update your MiSTer now to play it.


Inferno Arcade Core

JasonA has released a core for the Arcade game Inferno. It was previously available as a test core, but now it is official and will be downloaded the next time you update your MiSTerFPGA.
Inferno is a twin stick shooter developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1984. Players walk around a three-quarters perspective maze shooting at various enemies.


Other Miscellaneous Updates

And other cores getting miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

-PCXT core
-PokemonMini core
-Raizing core