MiSTer FPGA News – Jotego Cores, Saturn IO Board, Taito F3 & More


Jotego has released a beta for his JTKIWI core, but unfortunately it does not run The NewZealand Story yet. Instead it is running Insector X, another game based on the same hardware.

Jotego also brought some cores out of beta. These cores include:
Block Block
Capcom World
Hyper Sports
Karate Champ
Konami’s Ping Pong
Road Fighter
Roc’n Rope
Super Basketball
Super Pang


Sega Saturn IO Board

Joel Whybrow designed an IO board that will fit inside of a Sega Saturn case. It still in the design phase and currently requires and original Saturn case. They are working on having the board fit on a model 2 case. These cases are available for purchase and using them would prevent cannibalizing orignal Saturn shells.


GunCon Accessories

I recently showed how to build some GunCon 3 emitters, however if you don’t feel like building your own and have a GunCon 3 without the emitters, MiSTerAddons has you covered with emitters in stock for $20.

If you have a GunCon 2, there’s a sync breakout board in stock.


Taito F3, Gradius, Super Locomotive & Darius

Core developer Raki has made some posts on Twitter about some future cores. They plan on releasing Gradius and Super Locomotive in the first quarter of next year. Also a core for Taito’s F3 hardware was annoucned. The F3 was 32bit hardware that ran games like Eleveator Action Returns, RayForce and Puzzle Bobble 4


Racing Wheel Guide

Zez Retro created a guide on the state of driving wheels for MiSTer. He tested several driving wheels. talks about compatibilty and how to set up compatible ones. There’s even a buyers guide if you’re in the market for a driving wheel.


Crazy Blocks

Pierco announced he started working on a core for the puzzle arcade game Kiwako.



The PCXT core has finished it’s main development stage. It’s possible that new features will be added, but the developer wont be able to put in as much time now. However, reported bugs will be fixed.


Playstation Core

The developer for the Playstation core is playing with doubling the CPU’s clock and adding more cache helping improve framerates in games.

This weeks PlayStation fixes include:

– hang in Grandia(CD)
– long loading times in SimpleSeries Billard(CD)
– sound loop in Alien Ressurection(SPU)
– Chrono Cross crash with Turbo(CPU)
– hang when loading savestates in 480i games


Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Irem M72 core