Alex Mitchell

LSD Dream Emulator Fan Remake hits Win/Mac/Linux

LSD: Dream Emulator, an experimental exploration game released in 1998, has developed a cult following despite never being localized for markets outside Japan. Although it is available on the Japanese PSN Store as a “PSOne Classic”, and fans did eventually release an english translation, actually experiencing this game involves jumping through enough hoops that it could be a deterrent for some folks. Fortunately, a developer going by the handle Figglewatts has been working to remake LSD: Dream Emulator for modern PC operating systems.

LSD: Revamped is in the early stages of its development but Figglewatts seems committed, and the roadmap for future updates includes VR support and the ability to run user-generated content. If anything, LSD: Revamped almost looks too clean without the unnerving affine-texture warping that is so emblematic of the Playstation library, but as complaints go that’s not the end of the world. To read more about this project, head to the website or join the LSD: Revamped Discord server.