Humble Bazooka Bluetooth Adapters In Stock

It looks like Stone Age Gamer received stock of Humble Bazooka’s Neo Geo (AES / NGCD / MVS), Atari Jaguar and 3DO Bluetooth adapters (the PC Engine & TurboGrafx-16 ones are out of stock at the time of this post).  All are based off Darthcloud’s open source Blueretro platform, that offers some of the lowest bluetooth latency ever recorded when used with a fast controller.  Each are $50 plus shipping and will ship right away.  UPDATE: There’s also an adapter for the PC-FX as well!:

Neo BT:
Atari Jaguar:
8BitDo NGCD Controller:
PlayStation DualSense Controller:

Humble Bazooka also updated their website with instructions on how to pair 8BitDo’s Neo Geo CD-style controller to the Neo BT – It’s easy, but not intuitive, so this mini-guide is perfect:

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