MiSTer FPGA News – Saturn, Nintendo 64, MiSTex & More


Remote Script

The MiSTer Remote script has had a minor update. It fixes a bug with the games browser displaying files starting with a “.” and adds support for the #TapTo project.


CPS2 Decap

Atrac17 posted that the CPS2-B has been decapped. All the cells and the trace out is ready for Verilog implementation. Verilog is a hardware description language used for FPGA development. I looks like there is a mystery developer working on this.

The coinop collection team will soon be looking at Nichibutsu and Toaplan chips.



The schematics for the MiSTeX FPGA baseboard is nearing completion. Looking at the schematics show that they are for a QMTech FPGA and you can see sections for SNAC, SDRAM, Raspberry Pi Microcontroller and more.


Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 core has had some texture glitches fixed. Some games that were affected by these glitches are Blast Corp, Beetle Adventure Racing, F1 Pole Position 64 and Top Gear Overdrive.

There were also another round of RDP fixes that clean up polygon edges and removing LOD fade over glitches.


Sega Saturn

This week alone has seen a lot of updates to the Saturn core. There were updates that helped improve the following games.

Vandal Hearts – Ushinawareta Kodai Bunmei
Darius Gaiden
Puyo Puyo 2
Sonic Wings Special,Street Fighter Collection,Waku Waku 7
Sonic Jam
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
Sega Rally Championship 2


YC Cases

If you have an S-Video/Composite adapter that is caseless, Midori on twitter posted some 3D files that provide cases for them, specifically the Retrocastle and Ultimate MiSTer adapters. The 3D files are available on


Tropical Angel

Birdybro updated the Tropical Angel core with these changes.

– Fixed color palette to more closely represent arcade monitor output (thanks to David Haywood for the picture).
– Added color lookup table for more accurate RGB333 to RGB888 scaling in place of the simpler concatenated scaling.
– Updated framework (pll optimizations from FPGAzumspass which saved logic and helped meet timing closure, use full output range over analog ypbpr output from wickerwaka)



The Carnival core is almost ready for release. Highscore saving and loading just needs to be sorted out.


Retrocastle MiSTer Setup

RetroRGB posted a video going Retro Castle’s MiSTer FPGA Kits. The video discusses different versions depending on your needs like Dual RAM or if you’re prioritizing analog video and audio. Check out the video to see these setup fit your needs.