Selena the Retro Princess

How to get your Ouya back online in 2024!

The Ouya may have been the most successful kickstarter campaign of it’s time, but after launch it didn’t perform well on the market. In 2015 the servers were shut down leaving a lot of us with the little box sitting in our closets gathering dust. Without the servers Ouya is little more than a display piece. Today – thanks to the efforts of Christian Weiske – with a few steps you can now connect your old Ouya to a community-run server and play like it’s 2013 all over again!

I wrote the steps I used for Windows at ConsoleMods, and you can follow them here:

Ouya World is also back up for any questions.

Not every original Ouya game is available to re-download on the community server, but new homebrew games have been added to the server as a result of gamejams, giving new content even for Ouya veterans. Ouya is also famously an excellent platform for emulators as well.

Not only is this a great way to preserve the functions of this little piece of gaming curiosity, but since Ouya essentially needs the server in order to work and it was taken offline nearly a decade ago, you can usually pick up a unit for cheap! Now if you find one it’ll be more than just a paperweight!


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