Dreamcast SCART Cable In Stock

Retro Gaming Cables has just released a new set of RGB SCART cables for the Sega Dreamcast.  These can switch between 15Khz (240p/480i) and 31KHz (480p) and include a sync-combiner designed by RetroTINK creator Mike Chi.  They’re fully compatible with all scalers, as well as Sony BVM multiformat monitors;  Those often have “sync curl” issues with Dreamcast, but as I demo’d in the video below, these do not!  The price is about $75 and they’re in stock now:

YPbPr Component Video:

So it looks like basically everyone’s setup is covered:  People needing component video can use the cable I reviewed last year, people who need RGB SCART can buy these knowing there won’t be compatibility issues…and people using VGA CRT monitors can just pick up some cheap Amazon cables.

If you’d like an in-depth review of both of the cables linked above, check out this video:

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