Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Going Online to Amiga BBS using MiST


Bruno Antunes recently did a step by step process on his blog showing how to mod a MiST FPGA system.  Adding WiFi and internet support for use with the Amiga core.  His step by step procedure illustrates how to enhance the MiST by soldering a WiFi PCB into the FPGA, and then walking through the setup up of the WiFi, and integrating it into the MiST and Amiga Core.  Bruno also guides out the process of installing the hardware and software setups for the Amiga core.  Ultimately getting the FPGA core online to check Amiga BBS’s (Bulletin Board System).  Check out this interesting blog if you have a MiST and have interest to take it online for use in the Amiga Core.




The finished look with his new custom case and lighting.