Getting Started With Xbox on Modern TV’s has long been missing an important section for an excellent console:  The Original Xbox!

With the release of Chimeric Systems’ excellent plug & play HDMI ADC cable, I thought now was the time to add it!  This video and the new page on the website should present everything you’d need to start using your Xbox on modern TV’s.  It also explains the different resolutions supported throughout each cable and shows examples of what both good and less-than-perfect solutions will look like on your TV.

Here’s links to everything discussed:

Chimeric Systems HDMI Adapter:

Cheap Xbox to HDMI Cables:  /

High Quality Component Video Cables:

Component to HDMI Converter:

Time Sleuth Lag Testing Device:

List of Xbox games that display different modes:

Please remember to check out the weekly podcast that has been keeping people in the loop of different Xbox developments over the past few years.  Also, we’ll eventually expand the Xbox section with more details and possibly even softmod info!

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