GC / Wii on the Xbox Series S/X

Modern Vintage Gamer has just posted a series of videos showing the latest Dolphin emulator ports to the latest Xbox consoles.  Performance looks really impressive and games seem to perform great even when rendering at higher resolutions!  The latest video above shows  all you need, but I’ll put the original video at the bottom of this post for reference.

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These videos left me asking two questions though:  How is the performance compared to a mid-spec PC?  And what’s the average lag like?  It seems like the performance is better then you could get from any PC in the same price range, making a new Xbox a really viable way to play GC & Wii games!  What about someone with a $1000-ish PC?:  An i7/i9 processor from 2020 or newer, a 3060 graphics card, etc?  I’d love to see someone do a full analysis, but one thing’s for sure:  If you already own an Xbox ‘Series’ and like those games, this is absolutely worth trying!  One thing I found on the original Xbox, was emulation was often a smoother overall experience, as people were all testing on the same hardware and controllers – So after awhile, most bugs got ironed out and even controller mapping was mostly ready for gameplay.

As for lag…well, that’s kinda my job, isn’t it?  Maybe I’ll have to do a livestream and see…

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