8BitMods is Bringing the MemCard Pro To The Gamecube!

8BitMods will soon release their latest MemCard Pro product, but this time for the Nintendo Gamecube.  It’s called the MemCard Pro GC.

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  • (UK) Purchase at 8BitMods:  LINK

For those who are familiar with 8BitMods’ original MemCard Pro for the PS1, they’re bringing a lot of the same capability to the new Gamecube iteration along with a few new tricks.

What makes the MemCard Pro GC such an interesting product is just how much technology is packed into such a small device.  It sports a dual core ESP32-S3 processor, a FPGA, WiFi capability, a larger OLED display and of course a ton of storage via the microSD card slot which can handle capacities of up to 2TBs!

The MemCard Pro GC (MCPGC) can create a near endless amount of virtual memory cards (VMC).  However, what makes the MCPGC so powerful is it’s integration with Swiss!  When used in conjunction with Swiss, the MCPGC will automatically create a new VMC when a game is launched!  This even includes for each distinct region.  This feature is called GameID and it’s amazing!

Additionally, after a VMC is created for that game, the MCPGC will then automatically mount that VMC when the game is launched again through Swiss.  This integration is very much the same as the original MemCard Pro for the PlayStaton and it’s integration with xStation.

And just like the original, you can manage the MCPGC over WiFi using the WebUI portal.  From here you can back up all your save files by downloading them directly from the Web Portal to your computer, which is extremely useful, and so much more.

Here is a list of all the features of the MemCard Pro GC (source:  8BitMods website):

  • Larger 128×64 Monochrome OLED display that shows the loaded virtual memory card, status icons and other information
  • Supports any microSD card, from 1GB to 2TB. Each GB of storage provides enough space for 2048 59 block memory cards
  • WiFi connectivity and remote features through a WebUI and FTP Server
  • Switch active channels and navigate through the virtual memory cards with two physical buttons on the device
  • Easy wireless network setup from a wireless device’s web browser, by connecting to the MemCard PRO GC’s access point.
  • Supports a special set of instructions for automatic loading, game info and remote control (GameID & GameDB via Swiss)
  • High quality manufacturing with an injection molded shell and hard gold plated PCB contacts.
  • Load and manage stored memory cards remotely through the WebUI
  • Easily access and manage the physical files on your MemCard PRO GC microSD card over an FTP client

Additionally, 8BitMods will also be adding some new functionality in the future (source:  8BitMods website):

  • Local and Cloud backup functionality
  • SMB Client for automatic remote loading in diskless mode
  • Remote gamepad control via a BlueRetro adapter
  • … more surprises!

For a full review and how-to instructions on using the MemCard Pro GC, check out my video linked at the top of this article.

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