Fenrir ODE Firmware Update, DirectBoot Added

The Fenrir ODE just got a pretty substantial firmware update, with some bugfixes and a direct-boot option;  After powering on, the Saturn will boot directly to the Fenrir menu as before, however you now have three launch options:

A = “DirectBoot”
B = CD-ROM Player / Menu Boot
C = Boot to cartridge

Purchase Fenrir:

Hitting A will launch the game directly, without going back to the Saturn’s BIOS screen, which will shave off at least ten seconds of load time!  Alternatively, if you needed to access the BIOS to transfer save games, change the clock, or play the soundtrack via the “CD-ROM Player”, hit B and the game will load into memory, but boot to the BIOS screen like before.  As with the last firmware update, if you use an Action Replay cart, you can hit C and boot to the cartridge.  A few games have issues with direct-boot, so for those, simply choose one of the other options.

They’ve also been updating the redump compatibility list and it looks like they’re quickly closing in on 100% compatibility.  The remaining issues are a few bugfixes and 2-disc games that don’t save between disc swaps:

You can download the latest firmware and loader updates here and the full list of changes (and the original review) is below:

  • [FW] Improved handling of cue/bin (Redump compatibility)
  • [FW] Fixed Road Rash startup bug
  • [FW] Fixed MK Trilogy Fatality bug
  • [FW] Fixed Last Bronx Redump compatibility
  • [Loader] Added DirectBoot (option A) – no resets or drops to bios!

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