Dreamcast Link Cable Pre-Order

Kevin Mellott, creator of the Virtual Boy Link Cable and HyperFlash32, has just opened pre-orders on a homebrew link cable for the Sega Dreamcast.  The price will be $85 plus shipping and can be purchased form his website:

UPDATE:  A livestream demoing the cable can be seen below and the link has been updated to Kevin’s new store.

I spoke to Kevin about this and the goal is to provide a high quality, reliable cable for people who don’t want to spend the insane amount of money on an original HKT-9500 Taisen cable.  While there have been replacement cables in the past, they were usually low quality and this project aims to solve that using the same style connector Kevin used on the VB Link Cable.  I persoanlly own and use the VB Link cable and can absolutely vouch for its quality:

Unfortunately, there’s only about five games that are compatible with the link cable, but they do look like games I’d enjoy playing head-to-head with friends:

Ferrari 355,
Aero Dancing F,
Aero Dancing I,
Sega Tetris,
Virtual-On: Oratario Tangram

Now, as with the Virtual Boy, if more people get their hands on cables like this, there’s a chance we could see some homebrew pop up that takes advantage of it!

Cables will ship about a month after pre-orders are closed.  Discussion thread here:

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