Famicom RGB Blaster Rev2 In Stock

Krikzz has just posted stock of the zero-lag, plug & play RGB output device for the original Famicom. This version of the RGB Blaster corrects some of the issues found with the original, by including a video amp for buffering the signal, as well as sync output via the both and *composite video pins.  I just placed an order for one and will test as soon as it arrives – The price came to about $160 including shipping to the NYC area:

Purchase Here:
Genesis 2 RGB Cables:

*To be clear:  The RGB Blaster only outputs RGBs and audio.  This new revision outputs sync over both the csync and cvbs pins, making it compatible with all cables that sync on composite, like the HD Retrovisions.  Tianfeng and I worked closely with Krikzz in testing the original batch, so I have a feeling these will be safe to use.  I’ll confirm exact voltages and color palette outputs once the new version arrives, just for the heck of it though!!!

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