CDi RGB Boards Now Available At RetroGamerStuff

Retro Gamer Stuff is now selling  Mobius Strip Tech’s RGB mod board for the Philips CDi.  The price is around $35 plus shipping:

As previously mentioned, these boards feature a really unique design that pulls H&V sync directly from the main video chip, to create csync. The previous methods of getting csync usually involved just using composite video and in many cases a sync stripper was required to remove jailbars often found with composite video. This board completely solves that and leaves composite video untouched, allowing for safe dual output.

Also, this board has been tweaked to have the proper video levels, allowing for better brightness and color reproduction.  I’m glad Retro Gamer Stuff is keeping these boards alive, as Mobius previously said he’d no longer be making them.

Philips CD-i 400/500 Series RGB Board

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