Analogue Re-stock and Release December Announcements

Analogue has announced several restocks and new editions, available on December 4th 8am PST. Most stocked item is planned to by shipped by December 11th. Along with these, there are software related announcment, releasing throughout December.

Analogue Store:
Analolgue Pocket Firmware:

Analogue Duo will start shipping on December 11th, along other items in this announcement. Those who have already pre-ordered Analogue Duo, should have already received an email about address change, which you should complete before December 8th when applicable. It’s still available to be pre-ordered for $249.99.

Analogue Pocket will be restocked in its highly unlimited variants, on December 4th for $219.99. This restock wave will ship on December 11th. There will be another restock wave on December 8th 8am PST, which will ship in February 2024.

Among the highly unlimited in-stock black Analogue Dock for $99.99, there will be also a [highly?] limited edition Analogue Dock White for $129.99. The $30 extra for white paint is certainly something you won’t want to miss out on.

Along with Pocket restock, there will be 2 updates for PocketOS throughout December, PocketOS 1.2 and PocketOS 2.0. PocketOS 1.2 is meant to fix bugs, add new controller support, updates to Nanoloop, and updates to the openFPGA platform for developers. PocketOS 2.0 will add Original Display Mode support for openFPGA as well as adding CRT Trinitron as an option in Original Display Mode. Hopefully, at least one of these updates will fix the issue with openFPGA, affecting new Analogue Pockets since Glow in the Dark edition. 1.2 is meant to be released in early December but not just yet and 2.0 is scheduled to be released sometimes before Christmas.

Last and what feels like least, is an updated to the Analogue Pocket Adapter Set for $99.99. The adapter set has been delayed and is scheduled to ship in late February 2024.