MiSTer FPGA News – Goldeneye 64, Ports to Other FPGA’s, Jamma & More

MiSTer Replacement Alternative

There is a new drop-in MiSTerFPGA firmware with the goal of creating a more accessible and less complicated gaming experience that anyone can easily use and enjoy.

It currently offers a new simplified user experience where you can run a game without the need to load a core. The Patreon page goes into detail of all its features, but it’s still a work in progress, so all only a limited set of cores are supported and other features, like bluetooth, still need to be worked on.


Retrocastle MISTer JAMMA I/O board

You can now preorder the dual-RAM JAMMA I/O board from Retrocastle at Castlemania games for $250. This board is for those who want to build an arcade MiSTer setup for cores that make use of two RAM modules. If you are in the process of building an arcade cabinet you can still use it as a standard MiSTer setup before using it’s JAMMA features.


TARG variant schematics

Anton Gale released the schematics of the final page of the Exidy Universal V2 hardware. A variant of the game TARG, which is an early vehicular combat game from the 80’s.

The next step is to start the FPGA implementation of the game.


MiSTer core ports to other FPGA’s

If you happen to have the DE10 Standard or Arrow SoCKit FPGA boards, there is a developer that’s been porting MiSTer FPGA cores to those boards.

Noemi, the developer, has already ported cores like the Nintendo 64, Playstation, Saturn and much more. Details are available on Patreon, X(Twitter) and Github.


Nintendo 64

For the Nintendo 64 core, more of the CPU data cache was worked on, and the result was increased compatibility.

Mario Tennis now runs.
Paper Mario no longer crashes in chapter 2.
And now Goldeneye is stable.


MiSTerAddons Product Updates

MiSTerAddons sent out a newsletter talking about newly released products that include:

MiSTerCade VS: A device that lets you link multiple arcade cabinets.
Reflex CTRL SNES: A non-destructible SNES controller board replacement that turns your SNES gamepad into a USB gamepad.

There is also info about future products where you can sign up for updates through the website.