Analog Frontiers Part 3 – Preservation and Replication

Hey everyone, it’s Try from My Life in Gaming. It’s been a long long long time coming… but Analog Frontiers Part 3 is finally released! I’ve long known that this would be the most difficult episode to create, so it’s a huge relief to finally have it out there!

Part 3 is called “Preservation and Replication” for a very specific reason – each person’s definition of “preservation” can be quite different. The episode covers the work of Evan Amos (the Wikipedia photographer), piracy, software emulation (both community-driven projects and official emulation), hardware emulation, flash cartridges, ODEs, arcade documentation, MD Fourier, reverse engineering… and more! Do all of these things qualify as “preservation” or are they simply replications of the originals? You’ll have to decide for yourself where the line of preservation stands.

Part 3 features interviews with Evan Amos, SmokeMonster, Jeremy Parish of Retronauts, Dan of Pixel FX, Ste of HD Retrovision, Voultar, Bob of RetroRGB, Brian of RetroUSB, Frank Cifaldi of the Video Game History Foundation, and the one and only Artemio Urbina.

Look forward to a much shorter wait for the remaining two episodes as I’m going to get moving on Part 4 this very week!

Click here to watch Analog Frontiers Part 3!