James From RetroHQ: Podcast/Interview

Here’s an interview / podcast with James aka Saint from RetroHQ. I had a great time discussing James’ career creating games spanning from modern consoles, all the way back to working with Argonaut games in the 90’s! Of course, we also discussed his ROM carts and their history, as well as other general nerdiness.

Neo Pocket Game Drive:
US Seller:
UK Seller:

Lynx GameDrive:
GameDrive (US Seller):
GameDrive (European Seller):

Jaguar GameDrive:
US Seller:
UK Seller:


The video of this interview is available above and an audio-only version is also available everywhere podcasts are found and for direct download:


Here’s an embarrassingly old review of the Lynx Game Drive.  It still shows how cool the product is, but some day I’ll go back and do an updated video showing all of the GameDrive’s and their updated versions:

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