Action 52 fixed for EverDrive N8

Soon you may have the displeasure of experiencing Action 52 on real Nintendo NES hardware, thanks to some sophisticated romhacking by Great Hierophant of Nerdly Pleasures Blog. Action 52 is famously terrible unlicensed game compilation of 52 “games” but its infamy has made it desirable among collectors and the real cartridge is rare and very expensive, and was the only way to experience it outside of emulation, until now.

Krikzz’s recent EverDrive N8 OS v20 RC1 update added support for Action 52’s mapper, but the ROM itself is still too large to flash to an N8. Great Hierophant has split the ROM into EDN8-friendly chunks and hacked the menu, and posted a video of it running on the N8. The individual games are currently being tested by SmokeMonster Elite Discord Channel members, and the ROM will probably be released publicly soon, if the testers survive!…


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