The Scopetrex – Play Vectrex games on an Oscilloscope!

Retro computer hardware expert Eric Schlaepfer aka Tube Time just released the full schematics of a Vectrex motherboard replica. The Scopetrex, as he calls it, plugs right into an analog oscilloscope and takes advantage of its vector-based monitor to accurately display Vectrex games. Tube Time designed the Scopetrex PCB layout from scratch after carefully studying […]

Testing Audio Voltage on an Oscilloscope

This video will show you how to use an oscilloscope to test the voltage of an audio signal, with a focus on arcade board safety.  In the past few years, so much equipment has been destroyed by superguns without audio protection and this video will show you how to prevent that from happening in your […]

RGBench – Oscilloscope Video Interface Device

Qwertymodo designed an all-purpose multi video input device for interfacing video devices with oscilloscopes, and received so much attention that he decided to put the product up for sale. It will be useful for developers and video product designers who want a clean, easy to use interface for testing video signals on a scope. RGBench […]

Oscilloscope Basics

This page is a reference for basic retro-gaming and arcade related oscilloscope information.  I’ve made some videos that should help both as a tutorial and reference…and some day I’d like to create written guides for people to have an easier time referencing the basics. Videos are below and here’s some of the equipment I’ve been recommending: […]

OWON VDS1022I Oscilloscope Tutorial

Now that we’ve tested the VDS1022I and can confirm it’s suitable for retro console and arcade use, I wanted to make a video showing everyone exactly how it’s used.  Below are links to download the software, as well as drivers, manuals, etc.  Also, if you’re buying one of these for yourself, please make sure to use […]

Oscilloscope Pt 2: Component Video Testing with Ste

Here’s a continuation of Ste teaching us how to use an oscilloscope. This time we focus on testing component video testing, as well as brush up on our scope skills:     Here’s the full formula Ste used to calculate expected voltage differences: The below only applies to standard defintion and enhanced definition resolutions.i.e. 240p/288p/480i/576i/480p/576p ==================================== […]

Oscilloscope Tutorial Video

Artemio recently recommended a video that goes into technical details of the “basics” of using an Oscilloscope.  While still a fairly technical video, it seems like a great start for people who want to know why you’re using a scope and not just what to do:

RGBench Now Available from CastleMania Games

CastleMania Games is now selling qwertymodo’s ‘RGBench’:  A device designed to make it easy to connect component video, SCART and VGA, directly into an oscilloscope, without constantly changing cables. I’ve personally tested this device and have found it to work very well for testing video voltages.  It’s switchable 75ohm termination means it’ll work well both […]