2nd Round of RetroTINK 5x Orders

Mike Chi has announced that the second batch of RetroTINK 5x’s will go on sale this Saturday, July 24th at noon NYC-time (4pm GMT) for everyone except UK;  UK folks will have a special checkout link which will be live one hour later, at 6pm UK local time.  Limit 1 per person.

EDIT:  Sold out.  There will be more coming in next month though, as well as in September!
Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:
Download the latest RT5x firmware here:
More info on the RT5x:

Here’s all the information you’ll need about the RT5x:  Below is a deep-dive video showing all it’s launch day features.  Below that is a recent interview with the RT5x creator Mike Chi, where we discuss a lot of the details that went into making it.  And the final video is a short guide to updating the firmware on all your RetroTINK products (it’s easy).

…and for all the changes and new features since launch day, check out out follow-up posts that demo everything new:

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