The RetroTINK 5x Has Arrived!

Above is a deep-dive video revealing all the launch day features of the brand new RetroTINK 5x!  All the basics are in the first six minutes, but after that I go over all the awesome things this upscaler…and DOWNscaler can do!  Even if you’re a beginner who doesn’t normally care about extra features, I suggest checking out the whole thing, just to get a sense of what’s there in case you need it.

Purchase the RetroTINK 5x here:

RGB / Component / S-Video Cables for each console:
Flat SCART Cable:
Other RetroTINK’s:
Zero-Lag Converters: I used the HDMI to Component ones listed here in the video:

Why 1080p5x is usually best for 240p / 480i (featuring tons of RT5x footage):


Check out this video, for an easy guide on how to update your new RetroTINK 5x:

Other Reviews:

We’ll keep this page updated with reviews from other channels that we liked, in case you’d like another take on it. The first one is an awesome review from Fudoh (no surprise there!). The only thing to note, is Fudoh still has an older prototype, so some of the things he discusses might either be fixed on the production version, or in a future firmware. Fudoh confirms this in his review, I just wanted to reiterate that here:

Beast1x5 did some pretty extensive beta testing live on-stream, including some uncommon arcade boards.  It was cool to see PGM work without the sync issues many monitors run into!!  /

Scarlet Sprites did another great video that highlights the TINK 5x’s compatibility with arcade boards:

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