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Yaba Sanshiro Updated to 2.9.0 With New Games Added

Once again, Yaba Sanshiro, the Sega Saturn emulator by devMiyax has been updated to version 2.9.0.  In addition to any tweaks and fixes when updating, this updated version officially supports three new games.

These games are:
  • Assault Leynos 2
  • Stellar Assault SS
  • Alone In The Dark 2
Yaba Sanshiro can be installed on Windows, Android, and jailbroken iOS devices.  Unfortunately, the last update for iOS was way back in 2018, so this update may or may not be released for it.
You may download the Windows version from the uoYabause website. The Android version is available directly from the Google Play store or from the uoYabause website.
A paid or “Pro” version is also available that removes the nag screens included on Android.
This is a great emulator for Nvidia Shield TV owners, especially with the new model slated for release later this month.

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