Virtual Boy Rumble Pack Pre-Orders

Kevin Mellot has just opened pre-orders on a rumble pack for the Virtual Boy, but needs a minimum number of orders in order to make the production run.  If the target isn’t hit, all orders will be refunded and the production run will be cancelled, so if you’re interested, make sure to get your order in!

Pre-Order yours here:

While this will only be compatible with homebrew or romhacks, it’s certainly a cool addition to the growing list of awesome stuff the Virtual Boy community has been creating!  Rumble has already been implemented by a few homebrew devs and I’m hoping some of the creative dev’s go back and add support for the most popular VB games.  While it’s a small addition, I think rumble support for 2-player Mario Tennis would be an awesome nod to homebrew!  In fact, I bet there’s a ton of games that would benefit!

If you’d like to hear more from Kevin, check out the interview we did, available on all podcast services and here as a video:

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