Using XCAT To Preserve Lost Xbox Software

A few weeks ago, we talked about the Xbox Content Archive Tool (XCAT) – Software that can scan your Xbox’s hard drive for unarchived DLC, dashboard skins, Xbox Live MOTD files, and game mods, then upload only unknown files to the XCAT team for processing.  This is a massively important tool for preservation and something I hope anyone with extra content tries, just in case there’s something that wasn’t previously archived.  Well, lucky for us, MrMario2011 recently released an excellent tutorial that walks you through exactly what’s needed!  Check it out above and more info in the original post:

Original Post / More Info:

I think XCAT is such an awesome piece of software and really hope tools like it someday become available for all consoles from the Xbox/Wii/PS3 era on.  It’s by far the easiest way to make sure all software gets preserve…and while I’m sure a lot of it isn’t “important”, I’d be willing to be we discover quite a bit of awesome stuff that was previously lost!  Please check out the video and consider running it on your Xbox.

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