Unreleased SNES Game Cooly Skunk Found

The unreleased game Cooly Skunk was just found and dumped for the public!  The game was originally announced in 1994 for the SNES and a demo was even broadcast on the Satellaview, but the project was eventually moved to the PlayStation, where the game was received poorly.

The Satellaview demo was recently found and after being dumped, developer MasterF0x discovered the whole game was in the demo, it was just locked by the developer to only play the first three levels and then go back to the title screen.  MasterF0x was able to unlock the rest of the game to make it a complete experience and one that sometimes differs greatly from the PlayStation version.

One thing I’m very happy to point out is the person who found the game, only asked to be reimbursed for the $500 they paid for it in an Akihabara store.  The initial tweet Forest Of Illusion posted almost made it sound like the finder was “holding it for ransom”, as scalpers (sadly) often do, but luckily that was just yet another example of a message being hard to convey in 240 characters.  I bring this up, just to ensure everyone that both the finder and Forrest Of Illusion acted honorably and we as retro gamers should all be thankful!

The game is playable on real hardware via a ROM Cart, as well as on MiSTer as shown by Smokemonster below!  For more information and the full story, check out the Digital Foundry video above and the main blog post here:

Cooly Skunk (SNES, Unreleased)

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