TUTORIAL for TVOne Corio2 240p Downscalers

Dochartaigh recently posted an excellent tutorial that describes how to find and use the proper TVOne boxes for use in downscaling to 240p:  

“Downscaling” is something that’s often misunderstood and in my opinion a very good way to preserve a “classic” or “arcade” feel on newer games.  It’s also a good method for playing newer games on CRT monitors, for a more “retro” experience.  I originally used an Extron Super Emotia for this, but those devices have gotten so rare and expensive that it’s no longer feasible to try and purchase that as a solution. 

Dochartaigh measured the TVOne’s processing lag at about 1.5 frames and I was able to measure the Super Emotia’s lag at about one frame or under (variable).  Both are decent, but of course a zero-lag solution is always preferred.


Overall, the TVOne’s seem like a good choice for downscaling!

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