Turning The Wii Mini Into A Capable Regular Wii

WebHDX, creator of the PicoBoot Gamecube mod, has just release two kits for the Wii Mini that brings back capabilities that Nintendo stripped out of the budget friendly console.  Those capabilities are Wi-Fi and a SD card slot with a reset button.

It has been well known in the Wii community for some time that the Mini’s motherboard had the potential to add these features but were missing key hardware components.  For example, Nintendo removed the Wi-Fi Card, Wi-Fi card connector and several passive components (i.e. some resistors and capacitors) from the motherboard. So adding them back in provides the framework to get this capability back.

The SD Card/Rest button mod (called SDRST) taps into existing vias on the motherboard to re-enable this feature.  The SDRST is the first mod kit that brings back this capability, although it was built on the existing knowledge from the Wii community.

Now, all this is not possible without first installing the Homebrew Channel onto the Wii Mini first.  In order to do this you need to use an exploit called BlueBomb as this is the only method to get the Homebrew Channel onto the Wii Mini.  Once the Homebrew Channel is installed, you can go ahead and begin the hardware modifications.

After the hardware mods are installed and the software is set up on the Wii Mini, you can run homebrew applications as if you were using a regular Wii.  Many Homebrew apps utilize Wi-Fi and the SD card slot, so having them installed greatly improves compatibility with those apps.

One last awesome feature for the Reset button is that if you hold it down while powering the console on, it will launch you directly into PriiLoader which is fantastic.  This offers great protection against bricking the system while using Homebrew.

Now, a word of warning on the installation.   This requires advances soldering skills as the components are extremely small and fragile.  Both these kits can be installed separately, however, in my video I installed both the Wi-Fi and the SD card mod at the same time.  Depending on whether you want to install one kit and not the other, or both, will change the method of installation, so please research before proceeding.

Both these kits are available on WebHDX’s Tindie Page.

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