The Smallest Gamecube In The World

Wesk and CrazyGadget, two BitBuilt veterans, have just unveiled a project which shrinks down a Gamecube to an impossibly small size, it’s called the GC Nano.  At the heart of this project is actually a Nintendo Wii which, as we all know, is backwards compatible with Gamecube games at a hardware level.  The Wii is the perfect candidate for this undertaking in that it’s motherboard can be trimmed to an extremely small size and still function.

This project takes inspiration from another tiny Gamecube project, “The Gamecube Mini”, created by another talented modder by the name of Madmorda.  The GC Nano would further reduce the size of the Gamecube by 16% from Madmorda’s version making it the smallest in the world.  What enabled it to be so much smaller? Well, like I mentioned earlier, the Wii motherboard needs to be trimmed, and in the BitBuilt community there are 3 levels of trim.  We have the OMGWTF trim, the LMAO trim, and the smallest trim of them all, the OMEGA.

Along with an OMEGA trimmed Wii motherboard, CrazyGadget developed several custom circuit boards to power and support the GC Nano, while Wesk developed the very detailed shell to house all the components.  The result is fully functioning Gamecube!  The build relies on the Wii being soft modded with RVLoader which was designed specifically for portable Wiis.

Now, there are 2 things that I absolutely love about this project.  First, is that it works with real Gamecube controllers via a custom dongle.  And second, is that you are able to connect the GC Nano directly to your PC through the USB-C port and access the Micro SD card inside the console.  This allows you to easily transfer files to the GC Nano without having to open the console every time you’d like to add more files.

For more details on the GC Nano, check out Wesk’s Post on BitBuilt which has everything you need to know about project, as well as my overview video linked at the top of this article.

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