The KunaiGC Is The Latest Modchip For The Gamecube

ManCloud, in collaboration with Seewood and derKevin, have designed a new modchip for the Nintendo Gamecube.  This modchip utilizes a Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) which is similar to an FPGA, and was inspired by an older Gamecube modchip called the Shuriken Attack.

Now, like PicoBoot from webHDX, the kunaiGC is an IPL replacement modchip.  This allows the kunaiGC to load any .dol file that’s saved to it’s internal flash memory, which actually comes pre-loaded with SWISS.  One of the main differences between kunaiGC and PicoBoot is that internal flash memory.  The kunaiGC comes with 16MB of onboard memory which could eventually be used in uniques ways such as being utilized as an internal memory card to save your game data.

In addition to it internal memory, the kunaiGC also has a recovery feature called “recoveryloader” should anything become corrupt and brick the system.  This feature is activated by holding the z-button upon booting up the console.

And again, similar to PicoBoot, you can load custom .dol files by assigning them to any one of 7 buttons by holding that button while turning on the system.  Those buttons are A, B, X, Y, up on the d-pad, left, or right.

Here’s a quick list of the features for the kunaiGC as they appear on GitHub:

  • (Q)uick(S)older(B)oard to interface with the Gamecubes IPL-Chip
  • No need to lift Pins on the Gamecubes IPL-Chip
  • Flash storage to store .dol-files
  • Updatable via KunaiUpdater
  • loads custom .dol on boot (see Controller Mapping below)
  • Rich feature set like recoveryloader, Cubeboot-Support etc.

In conclusion, depending on what your goals are, the kunaiGC could be a good option.  But if you are interested in simply loading SWISS to load your favorite games, than PicoBoot may be a better option since it is more readily available and very affordable.

But, if you are interested in eventually picking one of these up, they will be sold by Consoles4You.  The price is currently unknown, but to stay informed of their availability be sure to follow both Consoles4You and ManCloud on twitter for the latest information.

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