Rany Battikh

Turbo EverDrive PRO announced!

Krikzz has recently announced that work is well underway on the Turbo EverDrive PRO, the followup to his critically acclaimed PC-Engine and TurboGrafx-16 romcart, the Turbo EverDrive. Over a week ago, Krikzz posted a picture on Twitter showing a Mega EverDrive Pro (Mega Drive/Genesis romcart) connected to the EXP female port of a PC-Engine Interface, […]


USB-2-PCE 8BitDo PCE Wireless Controller Dongle Pre-Order

@RobertDaleSmith creator of the 3DO-IGR & SNES-2-3DO has wireless prototype dongle 8BitDo PCE 2.4GHz wireless controllers functioning with real PCEngine hardware! This is a pre-order listing that requires no money down to gauge interest and see how many adapters Robert would have to build. If you are interested please visit the following link to place a […]