Hyperkin’s N64 Clone is running Mupen64

Hyperkin revealed their upcoming budget clone of the Nintendo 64. ModernVintageGamer compared their previews with emulators and found that it’s based on Mupen64, an open-source software based emulator that has been around the block for a long time. Mupen64 runs on pretty much every platform under the sun already (phones, computers, etc), so you can […]


SMB Re-Created on N64

Romacher Kaze Emanuar has just re-created Super Mario Bros by hacking Mario 64.  This looks absolutely awesome and seems to be a 2.5D re-creation of the original.  The patch is available for download and both a trailer and instructions on how to pacth the ROM are below. Link to ROM patch:!KHZ1FSbY!A6C_MTKDRPgEboREBI2juRVoSDuXxunUMdr5RN_291U