Dan Mons

MDFourier Amiga port started

MDFourier author Artemio has summarised the busy March 240p Test Suite and MDFourier updates via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-monoscope-49474110 And within is an excellent nugget of information for Commodore Amiga fans – the very popular personal computer line that debuted worldwide in 1985 is getting a port of the excellent MDFourier audio comparison tool. The initial model, […]


Artemio Launches MDFourier Audio Preservation Project

Artemio has just publicly launched a project called MDFourier that’s focused on preserving the exact original audio output of game consoles.  It works by using the 240p Test Suite software to generate a specific set of tones, which you can record with high-quality audio recording equipment.  You can then run that same software via emulation, or […]