New Run of InfiniKey CPS2s Coming previously covered the introduction of new tools that prevent or reverse the “suiciding” of Capcom CPS-2 arcade boards, using the techniques researched and documented by a team at the Arcadehacker Blog. The Inifinikey is one such device, which was cheap and sold extremely well. The first batch potentially saved 1,000 CPS-2 games, permanently protecting […]


Dreamcast 240p Test Suite Updated to v1.24

Artemio has just posted an update to the Dreamcast version of the 240p test suite.  New features include: Aesthetic details for GDEMU Fixed Diagonal test help Changed Vertical Scrolling background to 320 instead of 256 The 240p Test Suite is a free, open-source tool that (in my opinion) should be in everyone’s ‘retro toolkit’!  It includes test […]


mijet & Artemio working on x68000 Project

  Artemio has started working with mijet to provide a hash database of proper dumps for all x68000 disks: Anyone with a collection of original disks might want to reference the page and see if anything’s missing.  Preservation of these disk images is important and while people always cry piracy when things like this are […]