SyncBaby SNES DSUB adapter

There’s a new device for the SNES available that plugs directly into the multi-out and offers an RGBHV output via a DSUB connector.  I’m careful to not use the word VGA though, as it’s still a 15Khz RGB signal and no 480p/VGA conversion is done.  There seems to be an LM1881 “sync stripper” inside, but I’m still a bit confused as to it’s use.  According to the creator:

The output is RGBHV with csync acting as hsync. I have a ‘true’ hsync implementation but it’s a more expensive design that isn’t required as it appears every monitor/doubler is okay with csync as hsync.

That can be interpreted a few ways and if the device is simply outputting csync on the hsync pin, a much better solution would be to add a TTL/csync jumper and just get sync directly from the console.  If an RGBHV conversion is being done, than a sync chip is definitely required.

My only other concern is how much pressure is being put on the multi-out port.  For a design like this, I’d much prefer having “feet” to support the downward-pressure of the VGA cable.  With a thin cable, it might not be an issue though.

It still seems like a handy device and while it fills a small niche, it’s still a device that would be a help to many SNES owners with custom setups…especially people with Extron Crosspoints or VGA switches.  I’ll see if I can get one in for testing and see how it works:

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