SNES + Jr Digital Audio Mod

Qwertymodo’s version of the SNES digital audio mod is back in stock and ready to ship.  This latest version can be installed in all versions of the console; Simply select either S-DSP or S-APU from the drop-down menu to correspond with the sound chip installed in your console.  It can also be installed as a #nocutmod in an original SNES, as it can be mounted in place of the RD jack.  The price is still $40 and more info after the links:

Purchase Here:
Mini Toslink Cable:
Installation Instructions:
SNES Digital Audio Info:

First, this mod allows for 100% clean, digital audio from all SNES games, however it will not work with the Super Game Boy, or with the CD-quality audio from MSU-1 patches.  That’s because both of those generate their own audio on the cart itself, which is mixed with the onboard audio after it’s already been generated digitally.  It’ll still work with all other audio from the FX Pak ROM cart though!

Next, I realize many people might not even know mini-toslink exists!  Admittedly, I’d completely forgotten about it until using it with MiSTer I/O boards!  Basically, it looks like a standard headphone jack, but outputs the same digital, optical signal a standard SPIDIF jack outputs.  I linked to the cheap cable I use that’s mini-toslink on one end and standard SPDIF on the other.  You can also use this with audio receivers that have a “digital RCA jack” input;  Just get a mono 3.5mm-to-RCA cable.  And once again, this does not output analog audio, only digital.

And that’s basically it.  All other info on SNES digital audio mods can be found in the page linked above and you should reference Qwertymodo’s pages to get the exact installation points needed!  If you’d like to hear more from qwerty, check out an interview we did awhile back – Either watch the video below, or search any podcast app for “RetroRGB qwertymodo”:

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