Saturn Cartridge Injection Molded Shell

J&T Studio is now selling an injection-molded, transparent replacement shell for Sega Saturn cartridges.  These can be used with original Saturn RAM cartridges, as well as most versions of the Saroo cart.  The price is about $20 plus shipping and they’re in-stock now.  More info below the links:

Purchase Here:
Saroo Cart:

The top of these cartridges include a pre-notched, but not cut opening for a MicroSD card.  You can leave this alone if you’re just using it as a RAM cart replacement, but can easily remove it if you’ve bought a Saroo cart.

…as for the Saroo cart itself, that’s a bit of a long story.  I strongly recommend reading Dave’s post for all the details, but it’s basically a cartridge that can do almost everything you’d want from a Saturn, including booting some games.  Sadly, some Aliexpress stores began selling them before the design was finished, so there’s a lot of bad ones out there;  Don’t buy any that mentioned KKDIY and be wary of basically all current Saroo sellers…just to be safe.  The one I linked above was purchased and found to be fine, however there’s always a risk.

I’m not sure if this shell will fit any of the “red cart” multi RAM modules that many Saturn owners have, although it would definitely require cutting no matter what in order to access the switch.  Either way, this shell looks awesome and it’s worth picking one up, either for your RAM cart, or for whatever homebrew project you’d like to use it with.

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